Monday, August 1, 2011

Pain Creates Compassion

Pain...tragedy..."tough stuff"...disappointment...these things can destroy a person if you are not careful. BUT they can also do something else...the difficult stuff in life can create compassion. Those hard things do something inside of us...make us want to help other people...make us understand another person's struggles...

I was reflecting this morning on a story from some months back...a person was going through a very difficult situation and another person really came along-side of them and loved them. I wrote this in a journal entry at the time...

"Then it hit me...we just want no pain...but without pain there is no room for moments like this...what a teachable step up when someone else is hurting!"

We long to live without pain...but it is truly in those painful moments when we are softened to think of other people. It is in those moments that we become more compassionate to others.

Allow your pain to help other people...allow it to soften you and to push you towards helping people.

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