Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Night Before School

Our house is BUZZING tonight...the anticipation of a new school year...Chloe moving up to 6th grade...J in 3rd and LUKE ENTERING KINDERGARTEN!! Plus I am starting tomorrow!

A LOT of energy tonight...boys that had trouble falling asleep...Chloe is bouncing is sooo cute and fun!! And Sadie is baby-talking like crazy...I think she is excited too...(I wonder what she will think tomorrow when she goes from having 6 of us to just her and mom!!)

The first days of school have so much much and teachers are full of dreams for the year--I have been prayer walking the hallways and praying for my students, teacher, admin and staff at our school. EXCITING!!

ALRIGHT...back to getting a few last minute things done!!

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