Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Doing Great!"

I remember hearing a story about a pastor of a large church who was attending a conference and eating with some other pastors...they had gone around the table and asked how each one was doing...they all spoke of how GREAT everything was going in their personal lives and their ministries...when it got around to this pastor he said that it was time for him to go...because "we really don't need each other anyway since everything is so perfect."

See that pastor knew some of what was happening in the other pastor's lives...he knew that one of them had a marriage that was in trouble...another pastor's ministry was falling apart...yet they all had to much pride to admit what was happening and ask for that pastor removed himself from the conversation...

How often do you do this? This isn't about spilling every struggle to every person you know...but do you have people that can share your struggles...that you are willing to be honest with? If not...I encourage you to pray for that person to come into your life...OR maybe they are there and you are not willing to open up...DO IT! Be willing to be honest and share the struggles of your heart...that life just isn't as perfect as put it out to be...THEN you will find true encouragement to walk through this life!

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