Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Everything You Have!

Coaches OFTEN talk about giving everything you have in sports..."Leave it all on the field!" I have to confess that I was EXTREMELY proud of Chloe, Jaden and Luke at the Triathlon on Saturday...they had to swim 25 yds...ride their bikes for 1.3 miles and run a 1/2 mile.

During practice (YEP...we practice for the triathlon...the older actually ask to practice!) Luke didn't think he could do it...it was quite a struggle to get him to finish...QUITE difficult. At the race he really stepped up...his run was what most impressed me...we were so proud of him...and it was his first race ever!!

I cannot say enough about the week that Jaden had last week...we once again spent time thanking God the night before the race that Jaden could even do it...1 month ago--we asked his doctor if we should have him try the race...she said: "he can try it...might be good to have a goal out there for him." 1 month ago he could hardly run...he had an AWFUL time after he had broken his leg...he didn't want to do the race...mostly because he didn't think he would finish as well as what he would like...So he worked hard and raced yesterday...

THE BEST PART of his race was how he felt afterwards...he felt like he wanted to throw up! He had left EVERYTHING on the race course...he gave his best!! And he finished 2nd in the 7-8 yr. old group and had a fast enough time that he would have finished 5th in the 11-12 yr. old age group. I am so proud of his effort more than his place...he gave EVERYTHING...wish you could have seen the look on his face when he had someone coming from behind trying to catch him...PRICELESS!!

THEN there was Chloe...3 years ago...actually 2years ago she had to walk several times during her run...YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HER SATURDAY! He was MOVING on her bike and on the run. (Not mentioning the swim...cause OF COURSE she rocked that!!) I was a PROUD PAPA when she was sprinting the last 100-200 yards...she GAVE EVERYTHING and blew her time from last year away by 45 seconds...YEP...she felt like throwing up too!

So proud of the kids...giving EVERYTHING they have!!

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