Monday, July 25, 2011

How are you refueled?

Some years ago I went through some of those personality of them revealed how you were energized or how your personal energy tank was refueled. Some people LOVE to spend time with people...and when they do, it restores them...fires them up--refuels them. Others are simply DRAINED when they meet with just saps all of their energy and they just HAVE TO get away-by themselves to restore.

How about you? How are you energized? What refuels you? Does spending time with people fire you up or drain you need time to get get by yourself?

Personally...I am refueled by spending time with people...I like to have quiet sometimes, but not nearly as much as I enjoy a good meeting or time to hang out. My tank gets FILLED up by spending time with people...that is why I feel SOOOOOOO good today...Last night I had the chance to talk with a friend a hadn't talked with in over a month and then this a.m. I had my first meeting in a month with a friend...MAN--it was sooooo good! I left my conversation this morning just ENERGIZED! Spending time with people just charges my batteries...especially when the conversation is focused on our walk with God...his church...and vision/direction of our lives. GREAT STUFF!!

Understanding how we get refueled can help us understand better how we need to recharge...if you are a person who gets recharged by better MAKE TIME for that...and if you are recharged by being alone...make sure you make time to be by yourself... was just good to be with friends...good to hear what God is doing in their life and wondering where we will be in the next 1-5 answers from he conversation...but just good to be hanging out together!

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