Monday, July 18, 2011

The Journey Moves Forward...

A good friend asked me Friday night..."how yuh doin' man?" I think I gave him a blank stare at first...THEN Luke had to go to the he gave me a few minutes to think...I came back and talked to my friend for a few minutes and the question has been in my head for the past 3 days--how am I doing?

Sunday morning came and we spent our 2nd Sunday at Living Stones Church...a FANTASTIC--Jesus centered--community impacting place--the pastor and I are really good friends and the church has similar DNA to Grace Community...As I worshipped during the last song tears came to my eyes...I don't even remember the song...but the point was "God...I'm lifting my hands to you...submitting to your plan...your direction..." And I don't know what that means...or what it will look like.

Here is what I know about our new journey right now...
-God is in control
-I am REALLY...REALLY...REALLY enjoying my family...REALLY! I have NEVER had time like this to spend with my kids and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I AM GOING TO WASTE A SECOND OF IT!!! We are making some memories!!
-I will be teaching school in August. AND I am already praying for my students...parents...staff...etc. God opened this spot and I WILL NOT MISS OPPORTUNITIES!
-Awkward...good word to describe how I feel about a lot of areas of life...this is a strange season right now.
-AMAZING time meeting with Pastor Bob Combs in Ohio...he has been a life counselor of mine...just loved the conversation--he doesn't tell you what to do...but his questions and comment pierce the heart
-Conclusion from my time with Bob...(that is another blog post!)
-What is aching my heart...that the people of Grace have to find a new church home and that they ACTUALLY find one and plug in...I pray for them often and by name
-Did I mention how much fun I am having with my kids?!?!?!?!?!
-Read the book: Plan B and am in the middle of "Church in the making" LOVE both books. (Oh...go ahead and read between the lines on the 2nd book...Yes I would LOVE to be back in full time ministry again if God provides the right opportunity!)
-Started a new workout plan...running and working out--been wanting to do this for some time.
-Next steps in ministry: NO CLUE! Not sure about church...not sure about the planting? Lead pastor somewhere? A VERY attractive thought is to be on staff with a healthy, thriving church and team for a season (or longer)...Not sure but am definitely praying along these lines
-Missing Grace...all of it...already talked about our people, but I miss the guys in Goshen--realize with my time off that the past 2 years has been quite hard being relationships with those guys had slipped a great deal...not our love for each other, but the fact that we rarely spent time together--face to face time matters...missing the guys-need to get over there and play some ball with them
-NO NEW STUFF: I have added things to my life for YEARS! I LOVE to be to be involved and I have promised my family to not just JUMP into things for a season here...that I won't just say YES to things so that I'm busy...but say yes to the best things for reaching people and my family and my health...
-Next step? Digging Deep into the Word...Figure our our church home...wrestle through with God and Kelsey on our next ministry spot...Reflect on the past 7 years-lessons learned?...Prepare a plan to personally grow this upcoming year-I want to be intentional about the time that I have been granted right now.

Much of what has been going through my head is hard to put in words...I don't really know how to express all that I have been feeling...BUT I am CONFIDENT that this time of awkwardness will continue to develop our family's character!

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