Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BLAZIN' Hot day in and out of the pool!

Yesterday was Chloe and Jaden's Conference Swim was HOT! REALLY--REALLY hot out there! Arlington Swim Club did a good job of having everything ready and running...5 teams were was a fun day!

Having a great meet at the end of the season depends on how you prepare during the season...WAY TO OFTEN kids (well...PEOPLE) want to have results without the work that goes along with it...they just want to go do it! Chloe and Jaden work hard at their swimming...Chloe does EVERYTHING that the coaches ask and several times this season Jaden is quite coachable...he would ask to swim longer with the older kids...

Then this week as they prepped for the meet...we talked to them about the heat...and got them to drink a lot the day before the meet and told them to eat WELL at the flee sugar especially...we told them that we would get them treats AFTER the meet! Excellence is planned neglect...if you want to be excellent and at your best you have to give something up...SO...yesterday they both gave up sugary snacks and ate really well...

Their sacrifice paid off!

Chloe improved ALL of her times in each race...I loved watching her track down 2 swimmers in her 100 IM--showed her heart and desire to be her best! She won 2 of her other heats...scored points for her team and beat some swimmers that she had not beaten all season! PLUS she is an AMAZING teammate...several times she would stand at the fence cheering on her teammates! AMAZING job to Chloe!!

Jaden came in to the Conference Meet as a top 5 swimmer in each of his races...he ended up winning 3 conference titles yesterday and came in 2nd on his other race...the one he lost may have been my favorite...he was ranked 4th coming into the race and was tracking down the leader at the end...he cut 7 seconds off of his time in that race...7 seconds!! Crazy! Loved his attitude after that race too...his understanding that shaving that much time off is a HUGE accomplishment!!

Both of our kids had a FANTASTIC meet...and the biggest reason was because of the work and discipline they had in practice and then their willingness to be disciplined on race day so they could be at peak performance. Proud of those 2!

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alice vm said...

I wish every child had such loving involved parents as you and Kelsey. Seeing you guys at MY pool has been great! What beautiful bright well mannered and respectful kids you have! Congrats on all their hard work swimming for THCC!