Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things I Am Learning

Whoa...the past month and 1/2 have been some of the most emotional days of my life. Last week...when everyone was out of the building for the last time--I was walking around alone...My emotions just let loose...I cried and cried and prayed through my tears...thanking God for the honor of being a pastor...for the honor of serving the people of Grace Community Church...I didn't want to walk out the doors that day...didn't want it to be finished. It was a difficult time...

This week...I honestly don't think that reality is sinking feels like I'm on vacation and the reality of finding a new church to attend and the fact that I am not a pastor at this time...crazy...

BUT...I have been reading a book titled: "Plan B." Figured that was a GREAT book for me and our family's lives right now! I'm marking up-folding up pages and putting book markers (well...actually torn up posted-note pieces!) EVERYWHERE...this book is SO RIGHT is what nailed me yesterday and what I am putting out in front of me as I reflect, restore and refuel this summer:

"Often in life, the what, when and where are not going to turn out the way you want them to turn out. You don't always get to choose those things, but you get to choose the why."

PERFECT! That is RIGHT WHERE I AM LIVING TODAY! I thought the what, when and where was right here in SB--leading Grace Community Church SB/Mish and planting other campuses around the region. CLEARLY...that was not God's long-term plan...

BUT...Although the what, where and when are different now...does that mean that I check out of the game? Or that I only serve HIM when I am in a full time ministry position...ARE YOU KIDDING ME...of course not!! I have to focus my energy on the WHY EVERY SINGLE DAY! Why am I here? It's simple...I have the OPPORTUNITY to still influence people for love HIM with all of my heart...and to pour my life into people...done! If I am doing that--the what, where, when will take care of themselves.

MY PERSONAL PRAYER is that through all of this that I will honor my Savior...he himself had that ultimate Plan B (OK, OK theologians...I know..."God doesn't need a Plan B..." Just stick with the whole context of the point!)...think about it...Don't you think Jesus would have preferred Plan A...that the world would be perfect and without sin...that he wouldn't have to die?!?!?! OF COURSE...BUT he choose to give us free will...he choose before time that Plan A would really mean A WHOLE LOT OF PAIN--Even for himself.

SO...As I walk through all of the emotions of closing the church and the dream of planting this church--I am going to work hard to focus on the "why" of life...and WHY am I posting this?? So you all can keep me accountable and make sure I keep my focus right! So thanks for your help!!

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