Friday, June 24, 2011

"As you walk along..."

5 years ago I came on staff at Grace Community Church...I had known Pastor Jim for some years before that-known about his passion for lost people-his heart for the church and that he was a fantastic speaker. What I learned as I hung out with him was his understanding of his guys on staff-that although he had high-very high expectations-that he DEEPLY cared for the guys on his staff. He spent whole staff meetings simply asking how the guys were doing and finding out more about their families. Sure he wanted to reach lost people...sure he wanted to be sure that they were doing their jobs...but he cared just as much about their hearts...speaks to his character.

Trust is another word that gets thrown around in leadership circles...the bottom line is Jim trusts his leaders...and PROVES IT by allowing them the freedom to lead and make decisions. He lets us do our jobs without him "looking over our shoulder." NOW don't get me wrong...there is accountability and he'll be asking what is happening...but you know that when he questions something it is because he longs to understand and wants to make you better.

HERE IS THE THING I LOVE THE MOST...Jim is a "as you walk along..." type of leader. He's not into tons of meetings for meeting sake...his training and leadership happen as you walk along in life. Grab the teachable moments...he is the best I have seen at this...he wants people (and himself) to learn from every get the most out of it. Jim has a good example that he follows on this...Jesus led this way...he didn't have seminars and classes...I imagine he taught around campfires and along the path...Jim gets "it."

It has been a honor to serve and learn from Jim as we have walked along through life...God has truly blessed him with gifts and Jim has maximized his impact...Jim tells me "you know God will tell you well done..." and I believe that Jim's influence in my life is one of the reasons why. "Thanks Jim for allowing me to serve with you at Grace...God has expanded his Church and I have learn so much from you. Love you bro!"

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Ray said...

Its Saturday night and Sunday is coming, but tomorrow will be oh so different. Going through the day will be hard without starting it at Grace, but I know that God is in control. Maybe its just the start of another chapter. But what i do know is thatI would not be who I am today without your help and guidance over the past 2 1/2 years. Maybe its God telling me that its time for me to step out of my comfort zone and trust that He will walk with me. Thanks Tim!