Saturday, June 18, 2011

Be Still and KNOW...

Got back from a run just a while ago...wanted to clear my head as we move toward our last service at Grace tomorrow...I had a GREAT is soooooo humid and the sweat just poured off of the same time-it felt like God was pouring strength into me...spent time praying as I ran for every family of Grace SB/Mish by name--pleading with the Father to guard their faith and love for him and HIS church.

Then-God gave me a not in a spooky kind of way...but through a scripture and a song. As I got ready for my shower and verse and song that just kept running through my mind was "Be still and know that I am God." HE is God...HE has a plan...HE has control--even when we don't! This morning was quite tough for me...heading to the building for the final Saturday prep for the service...tonight though-I'm I sit still before he gives HIS encouragement through HIS is so true...HIS WORD IS LIVING AND ACTIVE.

"Thanks God...that when we become still before still the trouble in our hearts."

God is good.

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