Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Reflections

-School is out and knowing that is would be a VERY emotional week, I took it easy this morning...Went for a run...prayed and then had a meeting out at Southpaw. (Figured out our family's summer vacation too!!) I have continued to run throughout the school year, but it has been tough over the past months since Sadie was born. I have to get up earlier and have my run done by 6:30, so I can take Chloe to the bus was VERY RELAXING to get out there and just enjoy a PERFECT morning.

-This coming Sunday is the final Sunday for our church--crazy to think about all that God has done and that 2 weeks from now--I won't be working here--lots of emotions have been running through me...our family has poured our lives into seeing this church launch-reach and love people and working towards being self-sustained. Yesterday was probably my hardest day so far...I have had more emotional days than yesterday...but honestly I was in a daze most of the day...(AGAIN...this is why my run was sooooo good this morning...sunrise-cool breeze-exercise and Jesus-->PERFECT!)

-God is working in a group of people in our church...they are praying about staying together and seeing where God leads them...praying for wisdom and direction for them daily...great group of people...

-Jaden is really hurting...he got his cast off last week and his leg is SOOOOOO weak-he is going back to the doctor today-we are going to ask that he gets some physical therapy...he is walking incorrectly because he doesn't trust his leg and he has very little strength. Hard to watch a kid who can run an under 7 minute mile barely walk...and he is a lot like me and he is very what is happening with the church really eats at him...he won't seem like it around people...but it is tearing him up.

-I praise God for of them is about to walk through the door right now and we're heading for lunch! Love that God gives us great people to walk through life with!

SO...since it's lunch time-I'm DONE reflecting for now!!

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