Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Spot

(Picture from my spot)

I went to the East Race today...there is a spot along the river where someone made a cement slab just for me...(nice of them!) I have spent HOURS in that spot praying and seeking God. I have praised him and celebrated victories...I have had dreams of what God could do in the city birthed there...and more than once I have cried...

Today I remembered...remembered why I took the leap of faith to start this church...why our family went on this journey-sometimes with great cost--health problems...lost friendships...strained family relationships--but through all of it, God has shown himself...he has sustained us, directed us. He has provided a path through darkness and has given HUGE blessings. I thanked God today for the opportunity to be a pastor for HIS church...to have the opportunity to serve the people of South Bend...And I asked him about what is next...what the next step in our journey will look like. (No answers BTW!)

This much I know...God has ALWAYS been with us...he will continue to be with us...AND he takes these tough times in our lives and develops us into better people...God is good.


mama of 4 boys said...

Oh my goodness Tim, I can not know exactly what you are going through, but the whole leap of faith and losses along the way I can understand.
I begged God to tell us what next. I too had silence and when I did hear from Him (I was waiting for a phone call that wasn't coming and I really felt that this call would help give some direction in our journey) He told me that this call was not the answer. Really? You are going to tell me what is not the answer, but not what is? I only could laugh when at the end of the day I did get the call and God was right, it wasn't the answer. I felt God was so silent, yet now I look back and see his hands all over things. So many questions that I may never get answered. But I do believe that when we finally meet our daughter, God will show some of the ways He is redeeming the sorrow we have gone through.
I sent your wife a message on facebook. I don't know if she checks it very often so I thought I would let you know I wrote her. Hope my random words can encourage some how. I know we have gone through different things and my thoughts may not be what she needs right now, but I wanted her to know that God laid her on my heart. Losses can pierce the heart so deep sometimes. Praying!

Lucy said...

Tim, you are such a blessing, more than you will ever know!! My family is forever changed from knowing you and your lovely wife!! I cant thank you enough for being a positive influence in my sons life!!

My heart hurts for you, your family, and our church, I just keep reminding myself that God knows exactly what he's doing!!!

God is good!!

Sprained Ankle said...

I've just updated myself on your journey. Thanks for the coffee and muffins when we had ministerium at your place years back. I was refreshed by you. I pray that God refreshes your family today.

Inspector Clouseau said...

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