Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's Sunday afternoon...we just finished our longest service ever! And it was a good one...we wrapped up our "He Is..." series today and announced the winner of the essay contest...the essay selected was about Clarence Eichorst. This guy is 90 years old and still living for Jesus...still praying A LOT...and still has his funny sense of humor!! I LOVE THIS MAN! I pray that I will finish well like Clarence is...

We gave a recap of our China trip during the service...God really has stirred me up...this trip really rattled me...there were times as we were going when I really, honestly did not want to go...BUT I knew that I needed to...I knew that I must trust God and that leaders in China. I learned that there are times when I literally went against EVERYTHING that I was feeling, because my feelings said "STOP! DON'T GO!" but in my heart I knew that I had to keep going. Does this make sense?! I can tell you this...I have never sensed the spiritual battle before like I did on this trip...AND I never have been more proud of my teammates! GOD DID MIRICLES while we were there...from Colin's sickness going away to guards allowing us to go that stopped us earlier in the day...AWESOME to see God work in this way! So, as you can see, it was a roller coaster 10 days!

THEN...Jim NAILS the message..."He Is Loyal"
Some Highlights:
-MEN...we have made a DEATH TO US PART commitment to our wives...
-We can be loyal today
-Jesus didn't go away, so neither will I!
-Let's change the divorce rate!
-Let's not just survive, let's thrive!
-Let's rebuild the future
AMAZING to see couples up front...lead by their men...saying..."WE WILL THRIVE! WE WILL STAY LOYAL!" YES!

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