Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hard work + Creativity = 75/70

Last week Chloe had a project where she had to memorize a poem and then say it to her class. She had been sick when the project was presented so she was behind...THEN with all of the homework she had to make up, she forgot to memorize the poem...AND Chloe, being Chloe, hadn't picked an easy poem...She really works hard at school...So, here she was...already behind because she was sick and had a choice to make...should she try an easier poem? Should she do the minimum and just say the poem and be done...See the poem had a catch...if she acted it out and used props she could get bonus points. Sooooooooo Chloe, doing what we are getting used to with her, grabs some props and performs her poem...SHE WAS AMAZING...she picked everything out herself...rehearsed for us and Jordan (one of our babysitters!) AND she listened to "coaching" from Jordan that made the "performance" even better. She ended up with a 75/70 on the project AND really seemed to have fun doing it...it was a lot of work, BUT in the end sure looked like she had fun!

That was challenging to me...We need to have that kind of work ethic in our jobs...We need to be creative...to work hard...AND to do it when we do and don't feel like it...when we do and don't think we have time...don't people deserve the best from us? And you know what? Once we are done we will be like Chloe...we will be glad that we did!


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