Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Thanks God..."

Today was amazing...just mind-blowing...we saw 10+ people pray to put Jesus in charge of their lives!! I NEVER want to get used to that...I can still remember praying...begging...pleading with God to allow us to see 1 or 2 people IN A YEAR give their lives to Christ and TODAY God allowed us to see 5 or 6x's that! THANK YOU GOD! Our worship band was just incredible...steering us to the presence of God...their passion and excitement for God is AWESOME! (Great to see Kelsey playing violin again too!!) Our KidZone leaders made the outside of their auditorium look like a tomb...with the stone and everything! REALLY COOL! Then they had balloons lining the isle inside the theater...A real atmosphere of celebration! LOVED IT! We about doubled our regular attendance...Largest Sunday since our launch! We have such amamzing volunteers...all of these amazing things are happening AND we are putting on an Easter Egg Hunt after the service. People were EVERYWHERE today making things happen...GREAT to see THE CHURCH working together to serve people...the people of Grace get is not about us...It is about God and OTHER people..."THANKS GOD for an amazing Sunday...A Sunday that I won't soon forget...Thanks that we got to see people walk from darkness into light! Thank you that we got to celebrate ON THE SPOT people who are now headed for an eternity in heaven. Thanks for the new people that we got to meet today...God...more than anything else...thanks for Jesus...for his work on the cross and his resurrection that allows us to have the opportunity to celebrate!"

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