Saturday, July 12, 2008

What we want vs. What we are willing to work for

I just finished reading a few blogs... Mark Batterson from D.C., Perry Noble from New Spring Church in South Carolina and Tim Stevens from Granger, IN. I limit my blog reading of church leaders to those three guys...I respect their leadership and LOVE what they are doing for the Kingdom. I just don't want to get consumed with blog reading ('cause that can be an addictive behavior!) and I want to live it LIVE right here where I am.

So, what is my point?!?!? After reading their blogs today, I left thinking about What do I really want? What is it that I really want in life? I'll tell you that I want to see 1000's of people in my area come to Jesus...I want to see 10 campuses of Grace Community Church around this region...I want to see our campus EXPLODING with salvations, attendance, baptisms, marriages being restored, people stepping out in faith, people turning from addictions, my kids growing up in a church that loves Jesus and loves each other...that sees many people coming to Jesus...and on and on...

But to be honest sometimes it is all about comfort! Sometimes it is to have the chance to sit in my chair and escape into movie or TV land. So, it hit me...Am I willing to work for my dreams? Am I willing to sacrifice whatever God asks of me? Phew...tough question!

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