Saturday, July 26, 2008

Triathlon Results!

Chloe and Jaden were in a Kid's Triathlons today in South Bend. They have to swim 25 meters, ride a bike for 1.3 miles and run 1/2 mile. The Parks Department puts it on and does an OUTSTANDING job. There were over 450 kids involved and they all completed the swimming leg in 1 1/2 hours...great organization!

This was Jaden's first Triathlon...he was in last in his heat after the swim and then it was like the movies! As he left on his bike leg of the race I whispered in his ear..."Go catch all of them." I can picture him riding off with his head low...pedaling as hard as he can. THEN at the end of the bike leg...HE HAD CAUGHT AND PASSED ALL OF THEM!! Then during the run he had a GREAT battle with another runner...had to tie his shoe twice and still beat the boy. Then he beat him in the last 20 yards...he ended up in 3rd place in his 5 & 6 year old age division! MAN!

Chloe did a good job today. She improved her time from last year by 1 minute 20 seconds. That is significant improvement! Very cool...I was very proud of her too in how she responded to Jaden. I know she was disappointed with not doing better, yet she really did celebrate with his top 3 finish...that showed a lot about her character!

I was a proud daddy today watching my kids compete...

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I am so proud of both Chloe and Jaden! Jaden really pounded out the pedals on that bike! How exciting! Please tell them I said "Congratulations!"
love to all,