Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...(on Monday)

What a weekend! The Hillrich's were in town...Dave is a friend from High School and our families haven't gotten together for about 4 years! That is 3 more kids between the two of us! A house full for sure...We had a good time standing in MAJOR lines at the zoo...playing at the house...grilling out...talking...catching up...GREAT FAMILY!!!!

Services yesterday were good...GREAT ATMOSPHERE! We changed the whole theater this place for nursery area...It was GREAT. We have the best volunteers on the planet...many were there extra early to make sure that we got everything moved..THEN we had to be out of the building extra early because of the new Batman movie...and we were out!! AMAZING JOB by everyone.

I love the new set much more personal...more comfortable...very nice and very glad we made the change. Atmosphere is just a huge deal...the biggest difference at the theater is having the hub area (the gathering area) right inside the front doors. It made everything feel so much closer together...NICE!

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