Thursday, January 5, 2012

Did you feast today?

Several years ago I went through a study that had pretty strict accountability...probably the best accountability I have the end of every study the question was asked..."Did you feast on God today?" I HATED that question...cause it wasn't...did you do your token couple of verses or say a little prayer...the question was...

DID YOU FEAST on God today?

Sam preached on Sunday and the essence of his message was this same thing...he asked us what the things were that we didn't want to bring into 2012 with us...he encouraged us to grab some paper and confess...repent of...the things that we wanted to leave behind. Then we TRASHED our lists and took communion together...POWERFUL and meaningful stuff right there!!

BUT...his biggest point was that NOTHING...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would change unless we surrendered to God. That unless we fell more and more in love with HIM...we would come to the end of 2012 and nothing will have changed.

THAT brings me back to the YOU FEAST ON GOD TODAY?

Deep question...and I encourage you to ask yourself that question...and to ask it when you wonder why God isn't answering you...could it be that you aren't really spending time with him? That you just keep asking for things and not looking to him as your source of strength?

HEY...the best part is...HE WANTS US! NO REALLY...he really, really wants you to talk to him and spend time with him...he wants to hear what you are struggling with...he wants you to thank him... about in 2012 we make the choice to FEAST on the God we claim to love...I wonder and get excited about how our attitudes and life will be different at the end of the year...gets me excited to think about...

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