Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Journey from here

My brother in-law Ed had major surgery today...Kelsey was down with her parents, family, and church people at the hospital. Everything went as well as it could...results won't come for quite a while.

MANY have been praying for Ed...for the whole family...lifting them up. Pleading with God for healing and for wisdom for the doctors. Begging God to help him come through...as of this minute things look very good for that! Praising God!

Now the journey really starts for him and his family though. It is from here on that they will need MASSIVE support...as a people we are VERY GOOD at being there in the urgent moments...it is in the "long haul" that we struggle. And understandably so...life is busy and if you are not in direct contact with the person who is battling...you won't have the same urgency.

This is not intended to discourage us...BUT instead to encourage us to think right now of a couple of people that you need to connect with...people who you know are wrestling through some junk...and give them a call...an email...ask them to grab some coffee or go watch a game together. Don't assume that someone is contacting them...because they might not be! YOU might need to be that person!

As for Ed...his journey is up ahead...he has a FANTASTIC support system around him...people that will walk with he and his family every step of the way. There was proof today at the hospital...and my prayers have been and will continue for his stretch to full recovery.

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