Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Swim Dad...STOP IT!

Chloe had a swim meet today...and I was about to go CRAZY up in the seats! For the 2nd meet in a row there is a dad there...with his own stop watch...yelling at his child and shaking his head after EVERY race!! REALLY?!?!?!? How does this HELP your child be successful? How does this make him better at all?!?!

NOW...those of you that know me, know that I'm a "little" competitive...I love to compete and LONG to have my kids and EVERY ONES kid do their best...when I'm coaching I'll pull out the best in that child...NOT screaming or raving...but I can get a little fired up!!

BUT THIS PARENT...COME ON!!!!!!!! Do you want your child to HATE the sports? Worse you want them not to like you?? Your not the coach and if you think the coach isn't pushing your child hard enough...then contact them...and make time to talk to the coach. But you...sitting up in the stands as a wanna-be coach when what your child really needs is a cheerleader...COME ON!!!!

Here is the deal...there are way to many parents out there that are trying to live their sports dream through their children...let them go...let them thrive...let them develop and ENCOURAGE THEM.

PLEASE don't take this that we shouldn't push our kids...We do...we have high expectations of our kids...we expect them to perform at their best...did you catch the key word...THEIR personal best.

Hey...will someone remind me of this blog someday...when I'm sitting in the stands and no longer coaching my boys??? Thanks! (I don't coach Chloe, because she picked a sport that I have NO CLUE about!! :)

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