Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Stuff

Chloe was reading my blog tonight and said: "DAD you need to do another Random Stuff" So...being the compliant goes...random stuff as it runs through my head tonight:

-Praying hard for my brother in-law Ed...he has surgery tomorrow.
-Praying for people to have a passion for God...not just their comfortable lives
-Ever get some life altering news...the kind that you know will change the rhythm of your life forever? How did you respond to that?
-I'm glad that I know God...I'd be scary without him! is random stuff...I had a dream last night that I was back in High School...there was A BUNCH of former classmates...we were playing games and I was really being annoying!! It was weird! Glad I woke up!!
-Coaching basketball...5/6 girls...good group
-I JUST LOVE pulling the best out of people!
-What if...every person on the Southside of South Bend made a decision to not just say they believe in Jesus, but to live like him...MAN...the compassion...the people who would be shown love that right now think no one loves them...the kids that would have homes-clothes-time with someone who cares...
-Listened to Romans 8:28...great verse for me.
-Along those of the hardest days of my life was Pearl Harbor Day, 1989...blew out my knee...created a lot of pain over the years...Truth is...I probably NEVER would have met Kelsey and had the family I have right now, if it hadn't been for #35 undercutting my today...I'm thankful to him
-That one moment in time is still getting me...I just had an MRI...torn ACL (I knew that already), torn meniscus and "worn down" cartilage. Seeing the surgeon on Wednesday to see what is next.
-Back to bro in-law...I don't always understand why tough things happen to good people...I know...we live in a world that sins...that has evil in it, but still...this stuff just stinks...glad God doesn't just leave us in these times...I hold on to the verses that say...although we are outwardly wasting away (our bodies our gettin' old) still INSIDE I can be renewed day by day...priceless words right there. (2Corinthians 4: 16)

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