Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wrote a note and put it in my Bible a week or so ago. I put it in there as a reminder to share it with Kelsey. The message was simple..."Amp up prayer." That is it. Yep...doesn't sound to earth shattering...BUT I WILL TELL YOU will be the difference as to whether we shatter the earth this year for Jesus OR get shattered! ARE YOU WITH ME!?!?!

Here is the thing...we have had momentum building at our church many times in the past 3 1/2 years. And every time...something happened that took it away...something physical/spiritual would take place and the momentum would die down. AND HERE IS THE DEAL...God is doing something fresh here again...there is a fresh movement of HIS Spirit through our church...AND we have to pray...and pray hard...this momentum will die if we do not continue to seek our God for strength, direction and power...we need to walk right into the throne-room of God and beg him...plead with him to give us EVERYTHING HE'S GOT to protect us...our marriages...our unity...and the work that HE is doing guard us from falling into give us the COURAGE to STAND OUR GROUND and when we have done EVERYTHING to STAND! (Check out Ephesians 6!)

Guess what?! Tonight more people showed up at Prayer Encounter than have been there in a year. My wife wasn't the only one to get the message of "Amp up prayer!" God is prodding our people to pray and THEY SHOWED UP.

I love you church and promise to be on my knees for you and with you. May God grant us the VICTORY THROUGH HIS SON!

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