Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Weekend

What a fantastic weekend...We had our first Christmas Eve service and it was quite fun! We had more people at that service that the Sunday before...AND we had a LOT of visitors. It was fun to celebrate our Savior together. I loved hearing the kids sing...listening to the Christmas story...Jerimae, Travis and I just talking...sharing about our favorite Christmas memories and what God is teaching us right now...we sat on stools and shared fun stories...shared some deep stuff of what God is doing in us right now.

My two favorite parts of the night were when Kelsey played "O Holy Night" on violin...she hasn't played in 2 years, but no one would know...she plays with such passion and musicality...truly beautiful...really takes me to the presence of God. I miss hearing her play!

The other moment was at the end...we had the kids come on stage and sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and had balloons flying was a true celebration!! VERY FUN!

Christmas with our family was WONDERFUL too...enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts this kids even gave me $$ toward a new laptop! Their own money and their own idea! It was quite cool! Kelsey gave me a picture frame with a painting from Dave and Sue Griffith our is of the town where they serve and only a few prints were ever made! It is cool...putting it up in my office!

This has been a meaningful Christmas for me this year...Joseph has really stood out the most...especially with Kelsey being 7 months pregnant...thinking about all that Joseph did for Mary. All of the emotions that he must have been feeling...YET he followed through...he did what God told him to do and what was best for his wife. Truly a man of integrity and a man of God!

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