Monday, December 6, 2010


OK...I have a lot to say today! (BE QUIET! I know..."Boucher, you always have a lot to say!")

You never know how important a decision will be to people until after the fact...about a month ago the Goshen guys offered for me to go full-time in January. I LONG to be full-time and not split between two jobs. SO the thought of this EXCITED me! I honestly want to go full time...BUT something in me was just not content as we prayed about it. Kelsey and I WRESTLED with this in prayer...we prayed and prayed...we finally came to the conclusion that I need to finish out the school year and then go full time.

What I didn't know was how important this would be to some people in our church. Yesterday when I said that I would be waiting until after the school year, one man at the business meeting raised his hands like a touchdown and said "Yes!" Others mentioned to me that it was important for me to keep my word and finish out the commitment I made to the school system.

NOW...there are times when we simply need to drop everything and follow what God wants us to do. And this better be done with a GREAT DEAL OF PRAYER! I serve people at our church that hold high value on loyalty - commitment - and keeping your word. Those words aren't the norm any more...just look at college coaches..."I'm in...this is the school for me." Then a week later they are gone...

I think this also sends a message to our people right now...God has called me and my family not just to be a pastor...but to establish a group of people...a church...HERE in South Bend, IN...a group that is WORSHIPING...thriving...growing...REACHING OUT...AND PLANTING OTHER CAMPUSES...and I will not leave them in the middle of this battle...not when we haven't reach "maturity" yet...through the grace and POWER of God we will continue to establish Jesus' church here...AND we will do it together!

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