Monday, December 6, 2010

"I've got your back."

I have heard those words...many times and from a variety of people...the truth is you don't know who really has your back until the battle of life intensifies. When things aren't going well...when everything isn't lining up...THAT is when you find out who really has your back.

In 2010...I learned some things about my friends...I learned some things about the leadership at Grace Community Church. I learned that when I am at my worst...when there just isn't a lot of passion...not a lot of vision...not much in me happening...these people truly have my back. They love me, not only for what I can give them, but also for me. And I am thankful for that!

Imagine working at a place...KNOWING that your boss and co-workers have your best interest in mind. Imagine that. IMAGINE...being involved in a church where the people really, really, really love you and your family. Imagine that. I don't have to...THAT could be one of the greatest lessons I learned in 2010. TRUST & LOYALTY. Really...really...really trust. To stand beside those your love even when it is not think the best in others...even when they hurt you...knowing that they may not be intending to hurt you. It is good to know that I get to live out life with a group of people at Grace SB who love Jesus, love people and LOVE me! AND I am grateful for our brothers at Grace Goshen...because it is same there!

"Thanks God for allowing me to be here...thanks for not letting me give up...for giving me the best church-family for me and my family! I love you Lord and am sooooooooo grateful!"

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