Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whoa...GREAT Sunday!

We started a new message series called 5 More Lies of Satan...this week's message was "It's just too late." WHICH IS A HUGE LIE! If we really believe that OUR GOD is who he says he is then it is never too late for God to do something AMAZING in our marriages...we started with this message because we had just come off of our men's retreat and the guys shared their hearts during the service. GREAT seeing what God is doing...

THEN the ending is what got me...We had window paint and challenged couples to grab it and write their names on our front doors...I challenged men to STEP UP and beat their wives up front to get the not expect them to lead, but to be the leaders...GUYS CAME FAST! One guy even tried to take mine out of my hands! (NO WAY THAT WAS HAPPENING!) It was cool...REALLY see men stepping up!

LET's LEAD MEN! Let's work with everything in us to save our marriages!

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