Friday, October 22, 2010


I mentioned yesterday that I sense that I am moving out of a LONG winter season of my life...which means that Spring is coming....SO it is time for spring cleaning! Huh? I thought the same thing when it went through my head...but think about it...In the winter you simply try to get through the cold-dark-snow storms and to come out of those ALIVE and your feet still under you...still holding on to your faith...And you NEVER...EVER should make life altering or big changes in your life during those times. At the least you have to listen well to those around you, because you really don't see things the way you should. If you have been through the winter you KNOW WHAT I MEAN! that winter is coming to a close...I am taking a look with fresh eyes on my life...what I'm I'm living...where I need growth...what does the next stage of life look like for me. This is healthy, but it can be painful as well...sometimes it means letting go of things you care about...BUT it is also about a time of FRESH growth. Although Spring is BEAUTIFUL it is also a time of real work...plowing fields...turning up the soil...planting...watering...The cool part is...your faith is in the fact that the work you put in WILL create a harvest in late summer/early fall.

"Alright me the next steps...the fields that need turned up...the things that simple need a little fertilizer and the things that need me and then give me the courage to act!"

Spring is here...(at least for me!!)

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