Monday, October 11, 2010


Last year at Wild @ Heart I was pretty tired...I had just started teaching again...we had closed on our lease for a new location for our church and I was worn down. I remember clearly when the competitions started that I really didn't want to jump in. I choose to do as little as possible. THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS LETTING THAT HAPPEN THIS YEAR! So...when someone had to volunteer to get in a cardboard box and go onto/into DISGUSTING green covered (No I really mean GREEN COVERED) water...I jumped RIGHT IN! I wanted it this year...There was NO BACKING DOWN this time around...then when the time came for a run through the mountains for another competition...I was READY! I would have started it, but Jim is a stronger runner than I had to have him go 1st...but I wanted it! it was all I could do to NOT just sprint that last 1/4 mile and leave the team dragging...I WANTED IT SO BADLY...(We did a relay...1st guy started then tied a rope to the #2 runner-which was me-then tied to #3...4...5...running up a mountain with 4 guys tied together is work!! FELT GREAT!) It is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to be there for your team than to just sprint ahead...didn't want to hurt someone!! I'll tell you...there was no way I was stepping back this year...good to have the competitive fire blazing again!! I can't TELL YOU how good that feels! AHHHHHHHHHH! It feels good!!

More in the next post!

BTW...washing off the pond scum in rusty water just doesn't cut it...would I do it again though?! IN A SECOND!

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