Monday, October 25, 2010


We looked at the lie of Satan "Our past determines our future." We took time through the message to pause the video and pray...we prayed that we would be open for God to speak to our hearts...prayed for God to helps us to view ourselves the way God views us-to ask for forgiveness for selling God short-basically we gives us forgiveness and then we say, but we just can't do that because of our past. LIE! WE are forgiven and free...our future is not limited because of our past!

We stopped and prayed for God's forgiveness for how we view others...we give out too many labels...we look down on people because of past decisions...BUT if our God forgives...if he gives second chances shouldn't we as well? OF COURSE!! WE MUST FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER!

Great morning of worship...good to be together worshipping God together!

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