Monday, October 11, 2010

Where to begin...

The past week has been a blur...we were gearing up for Wild @ Heart...our men's retreat to the mountains of western Maryland...getting ready for practices...just BUSY!

Wild at Heart was INCREDIBLE...watching men come together...having a BLAST together and learning to take steps to be better leaders in our homes and church. AMAZING! Friday night...listening to men POUR THEIR HEARTS OUT in sharing struggles and then repenting of their sin...I NEVER GET TIRED OF THAT! Competitions were soooooo fun...I'll do another blog on that! Then the ride home...UN-STINKIN'-BELIEVALBE! Best conversation EVER! The guys that went...GOD IS DOING SOME CRAZY STUFF in their lives! It was fun to be involved with it! WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!

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