Thursday, October 21, 2010


Whoa...I really beginning to slack off on the blog!! Lots of stuff running through my head are some of the things...

-God is matter where he finds you!
-God has given me a freshness in my just feels good
-Kalahari was a BLAST! The bruises are worth it!
-YEP...I have ice on my leg right now from one of those bruises!!
-YEP...I would go ride that ride RIGHT NOW if I was there!!
-My heart aches for marriages that are really hurting...
-My heart is heavy with the weight of people's sin...and the hurt it causes others
-Did I mention yet...that I'm thankful that God is faithful to forgive! There is hope!!
-It was very good to see my family this weekend...
-We revised our constitution for our church in 1 DAY...1 Day!
-The stake was good at the "constitutional revision party" too!
-I look forward to the changes coming for our church
-I appreciate mentors in my life...people willing to speak truth to me.
-Don't WASTE YOUR only get one!
-Invest your life well...PLEASE invest it well
-Be willing to make the tough it!
-great discussion yesterday with a friend about the judgment seat...
-Am I willing to give up everything for Jesus? Everything...even my dreams? Even the things I long for? Am I?
-Those questions...they are eating at me right now...I don't like those questions
-I'm thankful for friends that I can "go there" and talk about that stuff with!
-DO YOU KNOW HOW STINKIN' BLESSED I AM?!?!?!?!?!?!? God is good.
-I am thankful for family...we are broken people...but we love each other
-Talked to my friend Tim Welling today...his mom Wanda passed away...she was an amazing woman...GREAT DAY to think about the legacy she left behind...and the one that one day I will leave behind.
-What if...what stand in front of God...and he asks you what you did with the gift of grace that he gave you...what if you don't have stories to tell? What will that moment feel like? I know...I know...he will wipe away every tear...BUT WHAT WILL THE MOMENT BE LIKE RIGHT BEFORE HE WIPES THOSE TEARS?
-I don't want to live with regret...I want to wring-out the most out of my life. Are you with me???? COME ON...