Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh My Luke!

Luke and I went on a bike ride today...We were heading down Michigan St and I notice he is swerving ALL OVER THE PLACE! He is usually very good with his bike (especially because he has training wheels!!!!) Later, I notice as we are riding on a not-so-busy-street that his training wheels are hardly hitting the I figured when we got home that TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY!

We get home...grab the bike without training wheels and we are off and running down the street...we live on a slight incline, so we headed to Southgate Church (thanks for "letting" use your parking lot Pastor Edgar!)...I held him for about 10 feet and he was off on his own...riding like a champ! IT WAS GREAT...SO that means that both Luke and Jaden learned to ride their bikes when they were 3!! NICE! Luke just turned 3 in June! WHAT A STUD...I'm so proud of him!! Way to go Lukie!

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