Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...(on Monday Morning)

What a roller coaster weekend...first my Buckeyes lose and then we have an AMAZING Sunday. The service was just great...Jerimae's songs...his is easy to speak after he leads! Just love that guy! Then to be able to share from my heart on Exodus 15-17...MAN...this is right where I am right now. Chapter 15 is a chapter of celebration...AND WHY NOT...God had just parted the Red Sea and then taken out the Egyptians...of course they were flying high! THEN, they start to whine and complain..."no water..." GRRRRRRRR...just mad me mad as I read through it...COME ON ISRAELITES, DON'T YOU REMEMBER HOW GOD HAS COME THROUGH FOR YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (It was perfect by the way...I told our workers to not serve the doughnuts before the service...AND MAN DID PEOPLE GRUMBLE! Then when we talked about God providing food, we passed out was a great moment...lots of people "mad" then we give them some food...the illustration really was effective.)


I just had to do it...just had too...had to go to 1 Corinthians 10...had to talk about how the Israelites are example of what NOT to do...had to go there...It is so much easier to sit back and just examine say what they should have done instead of examining our own lives. But we did is the deal...we have seen God do many amazing things in our lives...yet when the trials, tests and temptations come we just start whining, grumbling and arguing with God. LET'S CHOSE TO STOP IT!

I left them with three thing...
1. STAND strong and don't fall into temptation
2. We can do it! NO temptation is not common to man...SO, we are not alone...we can make it through
3. SEEK IT OUT!! Too often we just give up...we want a quick and easy solution to our problems, BUT God promises to give us a way to STAND UP UNDER the keep looking...God will give you a way out!

BTW...we got in the theater yesterday and there was new carpet! How nice of Movies 14 to give us new carpet!!!!

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