Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts...Expectations, blown away!

Alright...I had HIGH expectations for this weekend at Kalahari. I was even a little concerned going into the weekend, because my expectations were so high. I was believing that we would have fun hanging out as a playing on the water hanging out at the hotel...OH BUT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE HALF OF IT!

We (being my bro's parents and Aunt Judy) had the most amazing family vacation that just blew me away...from playing Flinch (a card game) in the watching football (or Hannah Montana if you're Chloe) to water...more water...water in your nose...water in your ears...Really, really high water slides...tubes...surfing...OH MY WORD...

JUST WHEN I THOUGHT IT WAS OVER...I ran into 3 High School friends there...Two of them (they were high school sweetheart Sean and Jen!) I haven't seen in over 15 years and we see each other at Kalahari! NOW THAT IS COOL!

This morning I got the chance to lead a short devotional with the family...I focused on the kids...I encouraged them to listen only to the positive really believe Phillippians 4: 13..."they can do ANYTHING through him (Christ) who gives them strength!" BELIEVE IT...LIVE IT!

I am tired...I am refreshed...I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of my kids for all of the things that they tried...I had so much fun with Kelsey and the rest of the family. AWESOME weekend.

The pics are of Jaden surfing on the surf board...the crowd clapped for him! He made it up on his knees! The next pic is Troy going down what we called the Toilet Bowl...I was so proud of Chloe....she went down that one! (A water slide that drops from about the ceiling into that "bowl"...Hey Kelsey and my 65 year old dad did that too!) The last pic is of the whole gang...GREAT weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't include a pic of you surfing! You were amazing - flips, up on your knees, throwing your board and catching it again, surfing backwards. . .on purpose! We did have fun! I'm glad you are so fun to be around! Love ya - Kels