Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go Pastors!!!!

We did a lot of competitions during Wild @ Heart. One of them was a race down a dirt and rocky path...5 guys from each team were connected to a chain and had to dive under ropes together and then over more ropes...then under 2 more sets of ropes.

Our pastor team was the last group to go...the record time was 37 seconds up to that point...we beat that time by 1 second. BUT WE FOUND OUT that some of the other teams had moved the ropes back by 20 yards...YEP you got it...they moved the ropes to make it harder on the pastors AND WE STILL WON THE RACE! That means we would have beaten the best time by 5 or more seconds! YES! I didn't know that until today...I would love to have a video of the guys faces when we beat the best time AND WE HAD TO GO FARTHER! I can just picture them looking at each other like..."we can never let them find out what we did!" But we did and we are proud of it!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!

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