Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts....

Great service this morning...Jerimae and Kyle just BROUGHT IT with the worship music...Jerimae added some nice background things to our stage that really made it feel like home...NICE! Jim's message ROCKED...may we all walk with boldness...some great quotes from the message:

-Our lives are marked by God for something special
-If you are redeemed then you are good enough to be used by God
-Ignore the voice...the negative voice that tells you, you are not good can't do it
-LISTEN to who God says that you are
-God believes in us more than we do
-God has a remedy for our past
-God wanted to use Moses even though he was a MURDERER!!!!

4 Days until the Wild At Heart Men's Retreat and I am getting excited!!!!

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