Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh the feeling...

I sure remember last year at this time...It was the night before our launch...just hours before we kicked off Grace Community Church's 2nd campus...Many hours of prayer and planning went into this...It was the night before a dream come true for me and something that I sensed God had wanted me to be involved with for a few years. The best part of our first launch Sunday is that 2 people expressed faith in Christ that morning...NOW THAT IS A GOOD START!!

A year later, I see even more clearly that this is a dream that continues to come true. I do not want to be involved with a church that appears for a year and then fades away. I long to be involved with a community of people that is still making a HUGE impact on this community when my grandkids and their grandkids are living...that in 3-5 years, if our church were to be removed from this area...that we would be missed...missed because we loved on people that other people wouldn't love...missed because we were deeply rooted in the community...missed because we loved Jesus and represented him well here in SB/Mishawaka...tall order for sure, but WHY NOT!?!?!

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