Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ron Boehm is the midwest director for church planting for Go-2 Church Planting and I was at a conference with him last year. Ron has been a HUGE mentor in my life and ministry. He asked me at that conference how healthy I was...not just physical health, but spiritual and personal as well. Ron hammered home the point that if I am not taking care of myself...if I'm not passionately in love with Jesus-totally connected and loving my family-AND finding fun things to do for me...I will not be healthy.

Then, he asked me a simple question: "Tim, what hobbies do you have?" I wanted to say playing basketball, but I hadn't played consistently in over a year... I got back from that conference and knew that I had to find an outlet that wasn't ministry related...

THEN CAME THE "amazinGrace." A 5K run that our Goshen campus puts on...I HATED TO RUN, but was challenged to run in the race by our led pastor Jim. (He has a way of doing that!) Let me tell you...I have found my outlet!! I ran in 2 races last year...lost 20-25 lbs...and it really has helped my focus and health...running really clears the mind...and I love competing and trying to improve my times!

So, I have been running for about a year now and I just started an 8 week training program for another 5K goal is to run a 21 minute fastest time last year was 22.59.99 minutes. You got it...just under 23 minutes but it still counts!!!!

Hey...thanks to Ron and guys changed my life last year!

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