Saturday, March 1, 2008

I lost to a 9 year old!

Kelsey and I had some friends over tonight for dinner...WHAT A BLAST and just what I needed. A chance to just hang out, talk and play American Idol dance-game-thing...yes I was dancing on the dance pad-video-game-deal and YES I LOST TO A 9 YEAR OLD...But I had fun doing it...(OK, so I even hate to lose at that!!) This week has been a wild one so it was cool just to be with friends...

I am excited about our service tomorrow. As a campus pastor, I get to preach live 1x every monthish. This is the is what is cool though...whether we are on video or live, I LOVE OUR SERVICES. Just love being with people who want to figure out how to follow Jesus better today than yesterday. I cannot wait to wake up early tomorrow, set-up and meet with our church...BRING IT ON!!!!

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