Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where you are...Make the most of it!

Where do you find yourself right now? Are you doing what you dreamed that you would be doing 5...10...50 years ago? Are you living the way you longed to live? Have the job that you want? Family? Money? How about a passion for God? A relationship with him? Are you closer or farther from him?

Where are you right now? AND better than that...are you ok where you are? AND even more than that...are you making the most of where you are?

Life is such a journey...lots of paths...detours...and the key is to make the most of each moment. God knows where you are...he knows your dreams...but more than anything else...he simply wants your heart...he wants YOU...He loves you...NOW GO! Go make the most of your life RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!

1 comment: said...

Tim, I was asked the question tonight "How do I become content?" Thanks for helping me answer....forwarding on this blog.

Really really glad you are part of teh family!
Kris B