Saturday, September 17, 2011

How much is it?

How much does it cost? This is something that I have been thinking about a lot this week...NO...not because we just had to redo our family room, have furnace issues AND have things we need to fix in our van. (Although it sure could be those!!)

I have been reading in the Gospels...Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...been reading about what it costs to follow Jesus...Also...been thinking and reflecting A LOT on what it cost Jesus to come down here. I feel overwhelmed and convicted when I think of this...Jesus gave up the "best seat in the house" to come down here...he was sitting right beside God the Father...sitting in perfection...enjoy the PERFECT company of his Father, yet...because he LONGS to give us the chance to have that same company with God, he gave that up...and he came down here to live.

This convicts me...because I like to feel sorry for myself sometimes...convicted because when I compare ANYTHING that I have EVER lost in my life it simply doesn't come CLOSE to what God gave up for me...for you.

So, how much is it? Salvation is free...It's free...there is NO COST to accepting God's love...none! After we have taken that step, then we must live in obedience and THAT is costly AND worth it!! Doesn't mean that we don't enjoy life, but our focus shifts...shifts from focusing on our happiness to focusing on how do we please God and encourage others.

Take the plunge...stop waiting around for tomorrow to come...stop hesitating and give your life to Jesus AND take the plunge to live as HE wants you to he wants you to live!!

DO IT! You'll be glad you did...

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RVDoozen said...

really like this post! thought you might like this, might encourage you a bit. Thanks for your encouraging words as well.