Sunday, September 18, 2011


Used to "reflect" every Sunday night or Monday morning...thought I'd bring that back for at least 1 week!

My thoughts from church this morning and more...
-LOVE being at Living Stones and the people we are reaching
-Message touched the people around us...could see it in their body language...lots of tears
-This series is PURE POWER! EVERYONE has been Sucker Punched...that out of the blue thing that happens to you and just feels like a punch out of no where...the sickness...a family member's affair...hearing about cancer...a heart get the idea...something that just comes out of no where.
-When I heard a few of the stories...stories from people here at they are hurting...what they have or are going through...this is home.
-When I heard a few of the brought tears to my eyes...that people live with such pain
-When I heard a few of the made me praise God that I have never had to walk alone
-Sam...i.e. Pastor Sam...gave people permission to ask God questions when they get sucker punched...YES! Job sure did!
-By the way...STOP AND THINK FOR A MOMENT about his life was turned UPSIDE DOWN in a matter of moments...loss of he worshipped God...whoa.
-ALSO...glad Job asked some tough questions...I know I times I feel guilty for asking.
-BEST QUOTE OF THE MORNING: "If I can't get an answer from God, where will I get an answer?" Think about this...when we question God...we are telling him that we have no where else to one else to turn too...that if he doesn't have the one will
-BUT...know this..."the key to healing is not getting the why questions is focusing on HIM." True healing happens when we get our eyes, heart and mind focused on Jesus Christ!
-As you work through your pain...focus on how to serve others.

More Stuff...
-I used to love every Sunday morning...seeing Aaron Tuttle...he has the very best smile that I have ever was SO GOOD to see that smile this morning!
-Living Stones is a very friendly place...especially for a church its size...impressive!
-Wondering how to get involved...feel lost in that area--want to...not sure where/what
-Chloe went to the opening Kickoff for the youth tonight...SHE LOVED IT! JUST LOVED IT! Had a blast...GREAT JOB STONES!!
-Been spending time on the Cost of following Jesus...been spending time asking God to break my heart for struggling people and people that need him
-Kelsey is amazing...the way she takes care of our way she raises our kids...the woman of God she is...I'm blessed.


Amy said...

Hi TIm! Sounds like this new church home is already being such a deep source of blessing as people honestly open up to their God sized need. It was so good to hear from you through my site! Thank you for the kindness and for taking the time to write! Such a happy message in my inbox! :)

gladys deloe said...

Hi, Tim,
Glad you're settled at Living Stones. Sounds like "my kind of church" too. I took a quick look at the website...what are they doing to reach the at-risk kids there? Is this the place to do a DISCOVER CLUB? ...just a thought! Blessings!

Anonymous said...
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