Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still Blown Away...

I first gave my life to Jesus over 30 years ago and I am still blown away by what God did for me...for all of us. Jesus LEFT HEAVEN...HEAVEN!! It's perfect there...NO screaming...crying...sadness...and he gave it up to come down here and be hated, beaten and die...and to do that when he didn't do ANYTHING wrong! We are barely willing to suffer at all! We LONG for "the easy life." AND JESUS HAD IT ALL...but gave it up for 33 years to live down we could have the opportunity to experience heaven. I am overwhelmed today...overwhelmed with his sacrifice...I am sooooooo thankful too...thankful that he didn't stay in that grave...that he ROSE UP! Ultimate victory!! Now if we choose to follow him we can experience heaven...(what a day THAT is going to be!!)

I encourage you to spend some time in John 18-21 this weekend...allow yourself to be overwhelmed with the greatest gift ever given!

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