Monday, April 11, 2011

A GREAT Vacation...even some blood!!

Vacation was really good! We got some projects done and I played A LOT of hide-n-go seek tag with the kids and neighbor kids!! We basically run and run and run until someone gets caught...I LOVE THIS GAME! Jumping fences...falling around corners...the kids get skinned knees...holes in their pants...grass stain...PERFECT! We also played a serious game of "fumble." It's a game we created where you use a small football...inside the team "fumbles" the ball and you score when you get the ball under the piano bench...THEN...IT'S ON...not a whole lot of rules!! Bodies flying around...tears shed...A LOT of laughter...and even some blood! I got a knee to the nose and ear...after the game I was bleeding behind my ear...I HAD NO CLUE THAT I WAS BLEEDING...the game must go on! Then we found some of my blood on Jaden's shirt...might be because he had me in a serious head-lock!! IT WAS SOOOOOO FUN! Then of course there was Wii Bowling...I had to "step away" for a minute and Chloe "bowled" for me! ONLY she threw it in the gutter EVERY TIME and I lost my pro status!! I OWE HER! We ended vacation with our first family trip to Strikes and Spares...road some go-karts...played mini-golf and bowled. Chloe and I raced with the go-karts and Luke road with me...You should have seen Luke! A great week!! Good times!!

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