Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's YOUR job!

This is YOUR job...no one else...it is YOUR responsibility...YOU get the blame...bottom line? It's on YOU! Huh? SOOOOOOO glad you asked! I am reading through a book called "Axiom" by Bill Hybels...I read it a while back and am going through it with some leaders in our church. A quote in the forward got to me today...here it is... "The leader's third responsibility (if you want the other two, you'll have to buy the book!) -and toughest of them all- is self-leadership, the commitment to constant improvement as a leader. Few things are more tragic than seeing zeal, talent and a God-given goal fail because a leader neglected to get better." MAN...that is convicting...to many people blame EVERYONE ELSE for things that happen...even for their own personal failures...when we MUST take responsibility for ourselves...we must be LIFELONG learners...keep growing...learning...being stretched. When we do we will more effectively lead others!

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Rev. Barney said...

I agree with you brother. I believe that if a leader (not just a pastor) stops being hungry for
God, not only will he die, but those under his watch will starve and begin to eat anything that is set before them.