Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Special Day!


This morning was one of the 2 very best church services and Sunday mornings that I have EVER been involved with!! I beg God a lot...plead with him to show up...I long to see people in our community come to Jesus...I plead with him to change people's lives...ask him to allow us to influence people right here in South Bend, Indiana. That he would give us the opportunity to share HIS story with people and then have the respond to it...

There was a lot happening today...people praying...playing instruments...singing... teaching children...setting up food...putting out eggs for our egg dash...greeting and welcoming people...setting up people...and so many more! There was a GREAT DEAL of investment into this morning and frankly these people invest like this weekly! So when God shows up the way he did is breath-taking and rewarding!

The building was electric (It was our 2nd highest attendance EVER!) and you could sense THE Spirit of God moving in people. The music and time of reflection was priceless...and then it happened. And I just LOVE IT when God allows us to see this...people responded to follow Jesus Christ...It is SOOOOO fun to see people take the step to make Jesus in charge of their is a moment to CELEBRATE! After we prayed and people acknowledged that they turned to Jesus...POWERFUL...just powerful!

Then we headed out for our egg's a dash because it is over in about 30 seconds!! 5000 eggs GONE in 30 seconds! CRAZY! It was a really fun atmosphere and Michelle and her team of people did an INCREDIBLE job making this happen. What a fun time for our church and the community!

On a morning when we celebrate the amazing miracle of Jesus' resurrection it is soooo FANTASTIC that God comes through and changes people's lives! Our goal this morning was to honor God...that he would be pleased with EVERYTHING we the end...he blessed us beyond our dreams! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!!

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Yes my friend, YES!