Friday, October 2, 2009

"Today is a battle, not a game"

I wish I could claim this quote as my own...I was on the phone today with a good friend, Miah, one of the worship guys at our Goshen campus when he said those words. He was talking about life and the spiritual battles we fight. POWERFUL WORDS!

Too often we don't treat life as a battle...we just let things go...or ignore warning signs in people and ourselves...caution flags that should tip us off that something is wrong...that something needs to change...but we are too busy "just livin' " and we miss it...we waste our days...Let's get in the battle for each other...I spent time praying for people today...battling for God's work in their lives...for their encouragement.lives and don't work to walk closer to God and encourage others. LIFE IS A BATTLE GROUND...let's fight for each other!

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