Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Reflections...

Perception is a funny thing...I left yesterday's message on Crazy Stuff and felt uneasy...I get home and Kelsey tells me it was one of the best times that she has seen me. Maybe that is because the impact of the message yesterday is to be see we talked $'s yesterday...we talked about in everything that we do GOD MUST BE our motivation...that HE must give us direction...We talked about what we need $$-wise to more forward with our campus-I have to confess that I get EXCITED when I think of God's people obeying HIM and giving...It EXCITES me to think of what HIS church WILL DO when HIS people step up and give their $...NOT out of duty...BUT out of passion for what HE will do through HIS church!

So we did it yesterday...I asked people to examine and pray through their see where they are and to commit to giving to the church...WHY? BECAUSE WE HAVE 175,000 PEOPLE WITHIN 5 MILES OF OUR BUILDING WHO NEED TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS! I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS!!!!

So, I'm praying for God to do some CRAZY STUFF...we have 4-Phases to go through...and you know what...WE CAN AND WILL DO THIS! But this is a step of faith...probably why it wasn't a emotional high yesterday after the message...Without God...without CRAZY STUFF...Whoa...

"God...thanks for being IN the details...for allowing me to be involved with a church that wants to be on the front lines of ministry...that LONGS to see lives changed...and because of THAT, I KNOW that you will move in each of us to EXCEED our goals! IN JESUS NAME...AMEN!"

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