Thursday, October 1, 2009

The church of today...Prayer Encounter on the move...Teachable Moments

Alright, so I couldn't figure out how to title this post...Tonight we did our Prayer Encounter a little differently...we were mobile...we started at Movies 14 where we have our services then went to a potential new location down the street...It was very cool to pray ON LOCATION...another cool part was that 4 kids were with us...all boys! When I say "kids" I mean 4 boys...1 is 8...2 are 6 and one is 4...Here is what was cool to me...we all knelt down in the building where we may start leasing and too...then we went up into the room where the kids would have their spot and 3 of the boys prayed...IT WAS AWESOME! You think that didn't get God's attention?!?!?! WOW!

Kids are the church of TODAY...If they are followers of Jesus God listens to their prayer in the SAME WAY that he listens to adults...GOD LONGS TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM, so why not have them right there with us...Think about those boys tonight...if God continues to move and we end up there, they will be part of the first group of people to do battle in the spiritual realm in our building...HOW COOL IS THAT MEMORY FOR THEM...What a moment for the dads too!!

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